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MeraCollege is an online platform to promote communication, collaboration and understanding among students, teachers and Corporate around the world. MeraCollege vision is to empower, enable and connect students around the world using Internet technology. It aims to provide students ...
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MeraCollege provides multi functional control panel to perform the following tasks.

One Point real time management system.
Knowledge Management System.
Data mining technology used to generate dynamic reports.
Institute management through mobile and PDA.
Biometric and smart card interegation.

Education is the backbone of the growth potential of any country.School Management Software India in particular school management software has a long history of organized education. With the advent Indian school management software of the 21st century it school management system is essential that we make the school management solution in india best use of available learning management software in india technology to increase the reach and effectiveness of learning management system education. MeraCollege is the platform for IT enabled indian learning management software in india delivery of education and for providing value added services to the teacher management software relevant ecosystem. MeraCollege has library management software built a business suit specifically designed for the educational industry. It library management software from india has been developed after through research keeping in mind the growing needs of school management software in india the education industry. MeraCollege is backed by a highly qualified and experienced management team. The management team comprises of people from LBS, IIMs, IITs and RECs. Our vision is to enhance student management software the productivity and increase the opportunities for everyone in the educational ecosystem