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posted on 02 May 2009
by:anshu chaudhry
posted on 02 May 2009
by:anshu chaudhry
posted on 29 Apr 2009
by:lalit kumar
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posted on 28 Mar 2009
by:TopRank India
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posted on 24 Mar 2009
by:anshu chaudhry
posted on 24 Mar 2009
by:anshu chaudhry
posted on 24 Mar 2009
by:anshu chaudhry
posted on 24 Mar 2009
by:anshu chaudhry
posted on 20 Feb 2009
posted on 15 Feb 2009
by:priyannkaa dey
About Us
Education is the backbone of the growth potential of any country. India in particular has a long history of organized education. With the advent of the 21st century it is essential that we make the best use of available technology to increase the reach and effectiveness of education. SchoolsOnWeb is the platform for IT enabled delivery of education and for providing value added services to the relevant ecosystem. SchoolsOnWeb has built a business suit specifically designed for the educational industry. It has been developed after through research keeping in mind the growing needs of the education industry. SchoolsOnWeb is backed by a highly qualified and experienced management team. The management team comprises of people from LBS, IIMs, IITs and RECs. Our vision is to enhance the productivity and increase the opportunities for everyone in the educational ecosystem.
Value Proposition
SchoolsOnWeb provides a programmable and extendable platform that has various inbuilt features for different user groups in the educational ecosystem. These features will be further enhanced to keep pace with changing needs. The education suit has all the features required for institute management and enhanced learning.
Institutes @SchoolsOnWeb.com
SchoolsOnWeb provides an instant web presence for an institute to maintain its core data using a multi functional control panel to perform the following tasks
One Point real time management system
Knowledge Management
Data mining technology used to generate dynamic reports
Institute management through mobile and PDA
Biometric and smart card interegation
Maintain data for faculty members and students
Publish notices and events
Maintain Alumni network
Enhance the Training and Placement departments effectively
Offer online examination facility to companies that come to campus for recruitments thereby reducing their costs of filtering potential candidates
Offer the virtual classroom facility to companies that come to campus for recruitments so that they can start training while the students are still in college, thus reducing training costs
Distance Learning to cater to students who are not a part of the regular institute
Performance report of students and teachers can be maintained and viewed in a convenient format.
Provides a marketing and showcasing platform for the institutes
Students @SchoolsOnWeb.com
Real life exposure for better learning.
Publish articles to share experience, knowledge and views.
Manage school online news magazine.
Manage Image gallery
Participate in forums for career and other important issues.
User fully functional e-mail on school web site with complete POP access.
Work in online projects with other students irrespective of the physical location and time constraints.
Get connected with alumni to gain from their vast and varied experiences.
Take online exams.
Interact with other students. Teachers and parents and experts of schools.
Access library transaction.
Easier access to jobs and internships using the Job / Internship board
Access to supplementary information published by Professors
Attend classes of any professor/ teacher even if the student is not physically present in the class.
Students can maintain their profile and create groups with similar interests.
Amongst other things maintain notes, and submit assignments online.
Discussions with professors/ teachers, other students and alumni can be initiated on the collaboration platform
Collaborate on projects with students from other colleges and also with the industry.
Educationists @SchoolsOnWeb.com
Complete attendance automation
Mark attendance even through mobile
Complete marks / grade management system.
Publish articles from home or school.
Publish online exams
Organize forums and projects online.
Interact with parents efficiently and effectively.
Manage online assignment
Manage class information and analytical reports.
Maintain profile for themselves that can be viewed by all.
Can teach a larger audience through the use of powerful virtual classroom feature. Apart from regular students, outside students can connect to the class through the Internet.
A platform for professors/ teachers to increase their popularity by targeting a huge studentís community.
Better understanding of subjects by collaborating with other professors/ teachers and students.
Notes, Assignments, results and attendance are some of the things which can be made available online.
Parents @SchoolsOnWeb.com
Know latest about your ward in terms of academics, attendance, fees and even the web site activities online and personalized.
Get connected to the school effectively and easily.
Get updated with latest in school with the help of E-news, mage Gallery, newsletters and other facilities.
Share your knowledge and views with other parents and school with various features like Article and Forums
Education Suit @ SchoolsOnWeb.com
The offering consists of the following:
Education Enterprise Resource Planner
What is it?
  A system to integrate all data and processes of an institute or a group of institutions into a unified system
   Human Resource Management
   Student Record Management.
   Academic Records Management.
   Attendance management.
   Fees Management.
   Stock Management.
   Payroll Management.
   Health Management.
   Hostel Management.
   Teacher Profile Management.
   Comprehensive Reporting System.
   Library Management.
   Vehicle Management System.
   Student / Teacher Identity Card Management System
Learning Management System
What is it?
  A platform where students and instructors interact online/offline.
   Anytime anywhere learning
   Collaborative Learning
Social/Professional Network
   Maintain a social and professional profile page that remains after graduating
   Create learning communities and enhance learning
   Create authentic Institute communities
   Improved Alumni network
   Help find domain experts and contact them
Value Added Services
Communication Tools
Discussion Forums
File Exchange
Internal Email
Web Based Email
Online Journal/Notes
Real Time Chat
Offline Messages
Student Involvement Tools
Group Work
Self Assessment
Student Portfolios
Community Building
Online Yearbook
Alumni Interaction
Event Calendar
Management & Publishing
Article Management & publishing
Resume Creation
Administration Tools
Course Authorization
Registration Integration
Dynamic Rights Allotment
User Management / Security
Academic Report Generation
Institute Website
Course Delivery Tools
Course Management
Instructor Helpdesk
Online Grading
Community Building
Student Tracking
Online Yearbook
Online Exam / Automated Testing and Scoring
Productivity Tools
Work Offline / Synchronize
Homework/Assignment Management
Online Class Notes

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